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c) Aftereffects. In almost all cases, the after-effects from a small urea bleed can be short and of little importance. Hemolysis of large amounts of blood is rare. No damage can occur in the bladder or renal veins, when a urethral catheter was placed. No damage can occur in the urinary tract. In a few cases, the urethral catheter was taken away, to allow bleeding to stop. In these cases, some mild pain is not unusual. 4. What precautions must be taken to avoid small amounts of urea bleed? a) Preparing the catheterisation. There are two main ways of preparing the urethral catheter for use. When one is using a "J-J"-shaped catheter, the first is to insert the catheter into the bladder. Take a very small amount of sterile saline water from the syringe. Melt this liquid with the pen of the catheter. Try to see if the catheter has a "J" shape. If it does not have this shape, then the pen is blunt and the catheter has not been properly prepared. Simply change the pen. If the catheter has a "J" shape, then this is the correct way of preparing the catheter. If a patient is unable to tolerate the catheter being in the bladder, then try the "L-L"-shaped catheter. It does not have a "J" shape. b) Checking the insertion. The urethral catheter is inserted into the urethra by pushing the catheter slowly along its path through the urethral opening. This ensures that no blood clots are forming. In order to see if the catheter is in place, ask the patient to cough and if there is any bleeding, then ask the patient to empty their bladder. 5. What is the appropriate way to care for a patient with a small bleed? a) The urethral catheter should not be pulled out or even partly pulled out to remove the catheter. This may cause a new bleed. Ask the patient to remove the catheter when the bleeding stops. b) In the case of small blood clots, remove the catheter and put the patient on a drip. c) In the case of bleeding which is intermittent, continue to drip.



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Reallifecam Password Username [Updated] 2022

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