Myths Rewritten

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Key dates:

Pitch submissions open 28th September 2020

Closes 9th October 2020 (end of day)

Email pitches to

· Myths Rewritten is a film festival giving students an opportunity to make and showcase original short films based on the theme of ‘myths rewritten’

· It allows students to still work on projects through the Covid pandemic and lets them have a smidegeon of social interaction

· Films will be less than 20 mins in length and must be all original works (or not in copyright to avoid fees)

· Equipment to make the films will be kindly supplied by the Film Society. Any additional equipment will be funded by the Classics Department.

· Any individual funding for films will be crowdfunded by the production teams

· We will be looking for all levels of cast and crew to take part – there’s something for everyone!

· Films will be rehearsed and produced in accordance with University guidelines and within social-distancing laws

· The ‘myths rewritten’ theme is broad enough to allow students to write about any myth from anywhere in the world, reinterpreting a story in a new setting, anywhere your imagination will take you!

· Pitches can be a complete script, an overview, an idea, a poem, a short story, or a plan with a couple pages of example dialogue.

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