The two strands that operate within KCL Film Society are Filmmaking and Film Screenings, you can buy a membership for 'Film Society Production Membership' which will give u access to all filmmaking opportunities and equipment. And/Or you can buy the Film Society Social/Screening Membership which will give u access to all film screenings and cinema trips, along with social events! You can find buy your membership on the SU website and find out more info HERE


Talks with industry experts 


Every Monday at 6pm, an Industry Professional/Expert will conduct a workshop about specific sections of the filmmaking skill-tree.

Our Short Films


We are also delighted to announce that we are bringing back our annual Short Film making project! Three short films, two terms and a lovely KCL Film Society festival at the end of the year to screen the films.



On the film screenings side of things we offer weekly sessions that will vary weekly. These will include chats with guests speakers. Some of these speakers are actors or filmmakers, who will give us access to watch their film before the Wednesdays session. Within the session itself they will talk about the theory behind their film and the more philosophical aspects of filmmaking, as opposed to practical elements. We will also have film critics choose a favourite film for that week which you will be able to watch and then speak about it with them in our Wednesday class.

We will have a strong focus on harboring a film community within Kings and ensure you have time and facilities to get to know each other! Alongside this we will also have some fun film quizzes and trips to cinemas such as The Prince Charles Cinema and BFI Southbank.




Red Carpets, Interviews and more

We're excited to offer Press Opportunities this year for our new blog!

We will be working with more PR companies to provide coverage of upcoming films. This means you will have the chance to interview cast & crew and once things have calmed down a little, even step foot on a red carpet premiere! 

You will need either a FIlmmaking Membership or Screenings Membership to have access to Press Opportunities.