LOGLINE:Keep your friends close, but your flat mates closer.

SUMMARY: Sarah suspects her flat mate James is stealing her food. She confronts him with her other flat mate Emily, but he denies it. Looking for support, he tries to find the  other residents, Mike, Sam and Stacy. Mike has gone home, but Sam is mysteriously unreachable. They all begin to suspect Stacy may have killed him as his phone is inside her room and Sarah saw her take some bin bags out earlier while the actual bins in the kitchen remain full. They break into her room and find Sam's jumper covered in blood. However, while still inside, they hear her return. Fortunately, she goes into the kitchen before her room and they decide to make a break for it. As they leave, the kitchen door opens revealing Sam, alive.
Stacy also walks in the front door at this point to see them inside her room.
Sam explains where he was, and that Stacy was moving clothes in the bin bags. However, he notices Mike isn't here. The others explain how they thought he'd gone home but Sam reveals that he hasn’t and should be in the flat. They again begin to suspect Stacy but since they already broken into her room and found no evidence, they decide to have a look in Mike's. Inside, they find his body, and once again right at the wrong moment, Stacy returns.They all pile into Emily's room and peak through the door. Stacy opens up Mike's room with his key to check inside. As she does this, Sarah notices the remains of her food on Emily's desk.
The film ends as Sarah charges at Emily, knocking all four of them through the door and at the feet of Stacy, who stands in the open doorway of Mike's room with his body visible behind her.




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