LOGLINE: A pair of exes reconcile over coffee, one wishes to apologise, the other doesn’t want to hear it.

SUMMARY: It’s been two years since their breakup. Eric has reached out to Violet for coffee, where the scene begins. An air of discomfort is established instantly showing that Eric is anxious while Violet is making a conscious effort to maintain her distance. The relationship between the characters become clear: Violet holds the power. But why? Eric is desperate to please her, bringing gifts for her, asking about her life, while she responds in a mildly polite manner. It could appear that she’s just not interested in him until:


Eric apologises and Violet is quick to dismiss him. The elephant in the room is addressed. He did her wrong somehow and he wants to make up for it. We still see that Violet has the power because of how she dismisses his vulnerable act. He wants to apoloise, she doesn’t want to hear any of it. In this interaction we can see how much she must have been hurt by what he did.


Eventually she relents and acknowledges his apology. But as she does this, her thick emotional barriers come down slightly and for a moment Eric and Violet’s interaction slips into the groove of familiarity. It’s easy, it’s almost comforting, it’s just like nothing has changed-


Suddenly she withdraws again, catching herself as she offers too much. For a moment she gives up the power, flustered, losing control of her emotions. In this moment of distress, she spills water over herself, heightening the tension. In her frustration she directly asks Eric what she has been wondering this entire time: why am I here?


This is the emotional climax of the story. Cutting through the bullshit. Violet monologues. Regaining and reaffirming her power. She does not need to hear his apology. She has forgiven him for herself and doesn’t want anything more from him. This is the answer to the dramatic question of the scene: she is here so Eric can elevate his guilt.


She has moved on from it, from him, as we see her phone rings from a new boyfriend. As Violet goes to take the call, Eric realizes the truth of Violet’s words. He didn’t come here to make her feel better, he wanted to make himself feel better. So he decides to take back his gift of guilt and decides to let her move on.




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